GTA IV Box Art Released, Trailer 3 Coming December 6th
Rockstar Games today released the final box art for Grand Theft Auto IV on the official website - which slightly changed. Along with this, they released a short video of the box art being painted on a wall. They also announced the debut date of the third trailer ''Move up, ladies'' as December 6th at 3:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT.

IPB Image

While currently there are no new screenshots on the website, they did upload four files in the screenshot directory. It goes from chronologically ending at 021.jpg. I personally found this to be uploaded today, and it goes without saying that these are placeholders for screenshots to be uploaded sometime between now up until the release of trailer three on December 6th.

UPDATE: The aforementioned images have been removed.

Official Website:

Posted by Adriaan on November 28th, 2007

Comment Left By: Zion
Finally some good news, and nice to see the site updated. Now that they have release the Final Box art, it looks like the game should be ready by at least the 1st week of March, or even February.

Comment Left By: D-Generation-X
I hate it..the box art...they're STILL using cartoony box arts..people need to see some cool sh*t like the COD4 boxart or GOW, etc..not some cartoons wink.gif...anyway thanks for the heads up...its in GT too =]

Comment Left By: rhd
I like it this way, its even better than the style they used in the old games, I think this style called water color drawing.

Comment Left By: LimeMini
If any of you are familiar with Photoshop, there is actually a filter called 'Cutout', which alters the image in exactly the same way as the Grand Theft Auto games, and is quite a nice and easy feature to apply, in order to make your images look cartoony and quite like the game boxes.

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